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The most detailed and useful biikepacking planning aid for the Arizona Trail 300 out there. Four different style planning aid (Data Sheet, Town List, Mileage Chart and Elevation Gain Chart) help you plan and execute your ride along the Arizona Trail. 


The Data Sheet has the most information. It gives the distance, elevation +/-, average grade, max grade, pavement sections, references ATA passages, bike shops, resupply options, key water sources, and has key notes between two Point of Interest (POI). Example: A and B, then B to C, and so on.

The Town List gives cumulative distances between POI. Example: A to B, A to C, A to D. The next section would be B to C, B to D, B to E, and so on. The Town List has distance, elevation +/-, resupply options, bike shops, key water sources, and key notes.

The Town List helps with not having to do the math to figure out how far away things are if they're not the next POI.

 Our new bundles combine the most popular planning aids into one package and help you save.

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