2023 Tour Divide SOBO Town List

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2023 Tour Divide SOBO Town List

      2023 Improvements:

      • We updated how we call out important data so it's easier on the eyes and better stands out.
      • General house keeping was done to clean up the sheets.
      • A lot of background work was done to make maintaining our planning aids easier, hopefully resulting in faster updates for our users.

      The Town List* tells you how far and how much elevation is between two points of interest anywhere on the route. Don't mentally fumble with trying to do math while sleep deprived, let the Town List do it for you. This digital planning aid is updated throughout the year to keep it as current as possible.

      *This Town List follows the Tour Divide route, NOT the ACA's GDMBR. If you're riding the ACA's GDMBR, take a look at our TD Classic Planning Aids.


      Key Features
      • Easier to read format.
      • Condensed .
      • More Elevations, Key notes, Locations, phone numbers.
      • Based off the most recent 10k GPX file (see note below).


      This product is NOT a hard copy or a file you can manipulate. It's a PDF. One can personalized them by printing the PDFs and then add their own notes. 

      $1.00 from every sale of this product will go to Bikepackingroots.com. 


      This item expires on Dec. 31, 2023. After which point it will no longer receive automatic updates.

      This item is currently based off the most recent 10k GPX file but will be updated to the most recent if/when it's available. You will receive an email when this update or any other happens throughout 2023 with your purchase.