2022 Bay Circuit Trail Mileage Chart

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2022 BCT Mileage Chart


NEW FOR 2022

  1. Larger fonts have been used for easier reading.


Key Features
  • Easier to read format.
  • Formatted for printing.
  • Shows bike shops and water options.

The Mileage Chart is a simple resource, that allows one to easily figure out the mileage between any two points. These charts work for both SOBO and NOBO direction.


This product is NOT a hard copy or a file you can manipulate. It's only a PDF. One can personalized them by printing the PDFs and then add their own notes. 



This item expires on Dec. 31, 2022. After which point it will no longer receive automatic updates.

This item is currently based off the most recent GPX/data but will be updated if new data is available. You will receive an email when this update or any other happens throughout 2022 with your purchase.