2021 Bay Circuit Trail - NOBO Data Sheet

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2021 BCT - NOBO Data Sheet 

NEW FOR 2021

  1. Now includes a How To Read page.
  2. New order of columns for easier reading/digestion of data.

Key Features

  • Key POI
  • Elevation POI
  • Mileage numbers
  • Distance to next
  • Elevation +/-
  • Max Grade between POI
  • Pavement & dirt mileage
  • Water sources
  • Bike shops
  • Resupply options
  • Important notes
  • Transportation options
  • Finish Target MPD

The Data Sheet is the one piece of information that has it all. If you're planning a bikepacking trip on the Bay Circuit Trail, this sheet has the information you need. This product is updated throughout the year to keep it as current as possible.

$1.00 from every sale of this product will go to the Bay Circuit Trail Association. 

This item expires on Dec. 31, 2021. After which point it will no longer receive automatic updates.

This item is currently based off the most recent GPX/data but will be updated whenever new data available. You will receive an email when this update or any other happens throughout 2021 with your purchase.