2021 AZ 1000 - NOBO Town List

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2021 AZ 1000 - NOBO Town List 

NEW FOR 2021

  1. Data created in Garmin Basecamp for more accurate information.
  2. Now includes a How To Read page for a quick learning curve on how to use the list.

    Key Features
    • Easier to read format.
    • Condensed.
    • More Elevations, Key notes, Locations, phone numbers.
    • Based off the recent 10K GPX file (see note below).

    The Town List tells you how far and how much elevation is between two points of interest anywhere on the route. Don't mentally fumble with trying to do math while sleep deprived, let the Town List do it for you. This product is updated throughout the year to keep it as current as possible.


    The AZ1000 route was a temporary route used in place of the AZTR 800 during multiple fire closures. As the AZTR 800 route is now official reopened for travel the AZ1000 is no longer needed. I will leave the planning aids for it on The Project's store for purchase for those looking to ride the route.


    These planning aids will not receive any updates going forward. As the route isn't changing the only data that will possibly go out of date are resupply options and water sources. If you purchase this know the data might be out of date and wrong.